Jinny Uppal

Director, Digital Technology
at Kohl's Department Stores

Jinny Uppal has spent the past 16 years conceiving and implementing innovative and award winning technology and operational solutions. Her expertise is growing the online and digital divisions of retail businesses by leveraging technology as a driver of sales. Her experience spans supply chain, merchandising, marketing and customer service divisions within retail.

Jinny grew up in Mumbai, India and moved to the US to pursue a Master's in Computer Science. She completed the HBS PLD Program in January 2010. Her interests include meditation, horseback riding, hiking and building communities.

Over the years she has been exposed to multiple sub-cultures of the US (NY area, South, Midwest and Silicon Valley). Her home is in Palo Alto, her heart is partially in NYC. She is now on a career sabbatical (checking it off her bucket list) and will spend the summer of 2016 living and working in Morocco helping local artisans with their online sales growth and marketing strategy.

Her previous community work has included helping New Yorkers feel empowered through meditation (she co-founded a pro-social movement called I Meditate NY), helping victims of domestic violence feel empowered about their choices and rights (Manavi). She also envisioned a forum for PLDers across sessions to connect, that idea has grown to become the annual Global PLD Summit.