Cveti Yotova

Principal Innovation Strategy Consulting

Cveti has over ten years of international experience in business development, strategy execution and change management. She has extensive practice in execution of 100+ projects with focus on strategy development and implementation.

Cveti grew up in Bulgaria where she got to witness the rapid change between two completely different political systems and to learn how crucial it is to be able to mix free will in any endeavor in life. Upon completion of her degrees in public administration and international relationships at Sofia University and Internship Program in USA, she has been appointed to be a CEO of a small consulting company in Bulgaria and gained a very solid hands-on experience in running a startup. As a business development expert at one of the most prestigious German IT Consulting companies, she participated in the implementation of the first and largest e-government project in Bulgaria.

After completing the Program of Leadership Development at Harvard Business School in 2012, Cveti is currently developing growth strategies based on innovation for companies around the globe. Her clients range from technology companies and investment management firms to healthcare organizations most of which either operate with, manage or have evaluation of above $1 billion. Her work is based on combining the Balanced Scorecard framework with Clay Christensen’s powerful concepts to identify growth opportunities, distill innovative ideas and accelerate success.

Cveti says: “PLD is a program which takes you on a journey and makes you not only a better leader with impeccable expertise in many areas, but also a better visionary, friend, colleague, partner, family member and a human being. I never expected to go to a business school and learn about life, immerse in a sublime atmosphere of learning while seamlessly creating lifetime friendships with people from around the globe. Hence, I am really glad to be part of the planning team for the PLD Summit, to keep our community growing and our incredible spirit alive.”